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Code keywords are keywords that contain short codes that you can include in your SMSes that are easily remembered and that increases the exposure of your company and its products and services. Sometimes, short codes can be shared, and you need a suitable keyword to identity your ads as distinct from other ads. Short code keywords are typically only used to run SMS voting and database creation sprees. A keyword ensures that your customers can interact with you freely and contact you whenever they so require.

In case you came in late, here’s how this works:

1. You send bulk SMS to a list of recipients that contains a code keyword. You find this all around you, e.g. mobile phone operators asking you to SMS “PROMO” to “9865 (random number).

2. The user receives your SMS, is interested in your product, and replies back the keyword to the number. The user is charged standard SMS rates for sending it, and once you receive the message, your system can match the keyword to a reply keyword and send the user a response.

SMSes of this nature allow you to engage your customers in conversation and are highly likely to transform into purchases.

There are several advantages that code keywords offer when compared to conventional bulk SMS marketing. For example, you can use them to generate leads and build communities that share a common interest in your products or services. You can also allow your customers to access information regarding your products or services right from their cell phones, a polity that greatly improves the customer care service that you provide.

At our company, we have a series of code keyword plans that will go a long way to getting you started. We offer all kinds of support, including but not limited to help with choosing keywords, multiple gateways as well as shared short codes, and all of it at highly competitive prices that are certainly the lowest in the market. Our clients who have hired us in the past have valued our services and have formed everlasting bonds with our company.

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