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Indian people as a whole are very wary of where they spend their money. In fact, when it comes to marketing, it may be that a customer does not call you back just because they are not sure if the venture to acquire information about your products and services is worth the cost of a phone call. Given the situation, it might be suitable for you to offer them a free-of-cost alternative that does not bear the rules, regulations, and costs of operating a toll-free number but at the same time ensures that you get the same outcome.

Here is where missed-call numbers come into play. You provide your target customer demographic with a “missed-call” number, a number in which they can leave a missed-call if they want you to contact you back. A GUI available at your end keep a full record of the missed-call that was sent, identifies who sent it and when it was sent, and give you the opportunity of calling them back and discussing your product with them.

Benefits of Missed-call Marketing

1. The client always wants to hear from you: Unlike in any other mode of mobile marketing, a client who has sent you a missed-call asking to be contacted most definitely wants to hear from you about your products and services. Studies have shown that marketing services involving call back have a more than 50 per cent chance of maturing into a business deal.

2. Cheaper than SMS marketing: Apart from the fact that you need a customer care executive to call back your clients who has to be paid for, your missed-call marketing happens virtually for free. All you need is the software infrastructure that we provide in order to keep track of the calls that you are receiving and how they are being dealt with. Other than that, the customers themselves send the missed call so there’s nothing that you have to do there.

3. Feature-laden Interface: The missed-call managing service that we offer features unlimited level IVR, provisions for dividing your callers into lists (such as white lists and black lists), widgets to help you along the line, call-back requests, call forwarding, and other features such as voice mail on email and call recording for quality assessment.

Step into the rewarding and innovative world of missed-call marketing: don’t run after clients, let them run after you. Our company offers the best experiences coupled with the best prices.

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