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One of the quickest ways to reach a large number of consumers with your latest offers, promotions, and products is promotional bulk SMS. The service sends out bulk SMSes to a vast number of users on a sporadic and timely basis that deliver information about your products and services in a quick, short, and concise manner. Research and statistics in the area show that promotional SMS marketing increases the sales and outreach of a company in one of the most remarkable and significant ways. Our company offers promotional SMS services that are at the top of the world’s quality spectrum on the field, and here are some of the features that we offer:

Delivery Times and Schedules
We offer promotional SMSes only between 9 AM and 9 PM. This maximises viewership and does not harass customers after hours. What’s more, if you cannot find the time to access your recipient list during the aforementioned hours, you have the feature of scheduling the SMSes for specific times during the day!

DND Filters
As per the rules of the land, customers who sign up for DND do not get sent bulk SMSes. We automatically filter DND numbers so as to keep your promotional SMS campaign within the limits of the law and ensure that your campaign has no negative impact on your brand name and outreach.

Low Costs
Our rates are one of the most competitive in the market and even if you are a new company with a limited marketing budget, we can ensure that you get an excellent rate for your promotional SMS marketing. Check out our website for more information on rates or give us a call so that we can come up with a suitable package for you. At our company, setting up SMS services is done free of cost.

Multiple Dynamic Gateways
Unlike some companies, we do not have a single SMS gateway that gets clogged an overloaded when sending a large number of SMSes. We rely on online gateways that are several and are dynamically set for your promotional SMSes. This reduces server load and ensures that your campaign operates from a stable server.

Reliable Delivery
We guarantee that your SMSes will be delivered on time and with certainty. We offer you with the option of delivery reports on your dashboard that convinces you that the SMSes that you sent have been delivered to the recipients.

Long Package Validity
Our SMS packages are valid for long durations of time. Hence, if you use up only a fraction of the SMSes you buy, the ones that remain will stay on your account forever and you can make use of them whenever you feel the need.

Our promotional SMS marketing has improved the business of thousands of customers over a span of years, and we pride ourselves for our ability to make a difference in your business by providing top notch, reliable, and effective promotional SMS services at competitive rates and using latest technologies.

Bulk SMS Rate Card
SMS Quantity   Total Charges (Rs.)
50L   4000
1L   7500
2L   15000
5L   35000

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