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As distinct from bulk email messages, transactional email is sent to an individual user or a small sample space of target users. The message might be sent because of an action the user took, or because of an action that they didn’t take, or even because of a development that directly or indirectly concerns said user. For example, you may be sent a transactional email by Amazon to let you know that your order is being delivered. Or, transactional email could be used to remind you of a forgotten password. The key thing about transactional email is that it is not “bulk” in the technical sense, and none of the rules and regulations of bulk email messaging apply to it.

Transactional emails are important because they are a very straightforward way in which you are bound to interact with your client. Bulk email messages are routinely sent to millions of email IDs around the world, and even though they remain one of the most successful marketing tactics, they are often left unread. Transactional emails on the other hand, suffer no such prejudice. Their urgent nature and the information that they impart imply that customers who get sent them almost always read them. Hence, it is an opportunity for you to engage the customer in your products or services. Here are some more advantages of transactional email:

1. Certain to Hit Target
Notice that as distinct from bulk email, transactional emails are only sent to users who have directly taken an interest in your products and services. Hence, they are more likely to check out your new projects, offers, promos, and other developments that concern them.

2. No restrictions
You can send transactional email all day and all night, and you can send as many of them to a single ID as possible. Transactional emails also don’t get marked automatically as “spam” in most email clients – the constraint is just that there has to be genuine reason to send it, or the user has to have taken a step that requires them to be informed of the contents of the email.

3. Cheap
Compared to bulk SMS or transactional SMS campaigns, transactional email is cheap and reaches a broader and mixed target audience. If you are a new company selling a idea globally, transactional email might be one of very few options available to you to interact with your customers around the world.

We offer transactional email service packages that include all that you can ask for from the service, and more. We have dedicated server networks that guarantee delivery to your client’s account. We send you regular analytics based on the performance of your messages so that you can keep a track of your progress. Our prices are the best in the industry for the number of services that we offer you. Give us a call to get a quick and comprehensive idea on what we can help you with!

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