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Transactional SMS refers to SMSes that are sent supplementary to an availed product or service, or otherwise with explicit consent of the recipient. For example, airline carriers use transactional SMS to inform you of the status of your flight. Your bank may use transactional SMS to inform you of your account balance, and so on. Transactional SMSes are a popular mode of SMS marketing because it comes to a series of very specific advantages of mainstream bulk SMS marketing.

1. Both DND and Non-DND Numbers
A common obstacle with bulk SMSes is that they do not reach DND numbers as per the law of the land. However, transactional SMSes are sent with explicit consent of each recipient and is therefore sent to all mobile phones irrespective of their DND (Do Not Disturb) status. This allows you to reach a broader spectrum of customers and lets you enjoy a high viewership.

2. Operates Round The Clock
As per regulations, the average SMS service only operates between 9 AM and 9 PM. Transactional SMS services, on the other hand, can operate round the clock every day of the year, giving you more time and flexibility when it comes to delivering your products and product-based information to a select group of recipients who have shown an interest in your products and services.

3. Recipient ID
Every transactional SMS is sent to an identifiable user, as distinct from bulk SMSes, which are sent to a vast number of people irrespective of who they are. Transactional SMSes hence have a higher rate of conversion into a purchase, and has a high conversion rate. They are a much more stable and reliable version of SMS marketing that delivers more advantages.

4. Better Outreach
With Transactional SMS, because it is known that the user is interested in your product, it is likely that the information provided to them via transactional SMS will be read. For example, a bookstore might send transactional SMS to those who have shopped at their location in order to inform them of new releases, which increases the likelihood of their existing customers shopping at their location once again.

Bulk SMS Rate Card
SMS Quantity   Total Charges (Rs.)
50L   6000
1L   11000
2L   21000
5L   50000

Transactional SMSes pack a very unique set of features that other SMS marketing modes do not. With proper infrastructure such as multi-channel gateways and suitable features in customer packages, it is guaranteed that transactional SMS marketing will boost your profits. Give us a call for more information on your transactional SMS packages so that we can start you off!

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