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The perks of twenty-first century technology are many, and one of them is automated voice messaging services. Here’s a precious little tool that allows you to pre-record your message and play it to thousands of customers around the world, all contributing to extending your outreach into the market and raising awareness about your brands and products.

Voice messaging services are growing increasingly popular across the internet, even though they started as an opportunistic ad campaign by network providers across the world. At our company, voice messaging is available at nominal costs with lots of features. Here are some of the advantages of voice messaging services over other forms of mobile marketing.

1. 100% discoverability
A voice message is one of the most likely forms of communication to be heard. Users tend to listen to voice messages even though they might tend to ignore SMS messages. This gives you the opportunity to reach a number of more customers every day.

2. Adjustable Length
Even though a very long voice message is likely to decreases your audience, voice messages can be adjusted in terms of content, as distinct from SMS messages that come with a 160 character limit. This allows you the concession of getting to demonstrate and describe the utility of your products or services to a more detailed extent.

3. Emergency Alerts
If you want to instantly inform all your clients and customers regarding a development in the market with a time constraint, such as a missed flight or a rise or fall in the stocks, you can rely on voice marketing to reach thousands of people at the same time with your recorded message. This feature is, hence, especially useful to service providers.

4. Engaging Your Customers
Proper use of voice messaging services allow you to engage your customers at an all new level. It allows you to look into the requirements of your customers at a greater detail, leading to stronger ties and more opportunities for business.

Voice message packs that we offer contain a whole lot of distinct features such as an easy to set up interface where you can record your voice, voice message scheduling so that you don’t bother your customers late at night, and other features that will enhance your experience on our platform. Our voice messages have guaranteed deliverability and have contributed to lifting the look of many small, medium, and even some large companies.

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